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My name is Dominic Canty - writer, journalist, stand-up comic, rock and blues singer, lover of apple strudel, founder of Creative Writer, and, most relevantly to this introduction - an author quoted by South London Press as being “one of London’s most exciting new writers” upon the release of Dead Men Should Know Better – the first novel in the Bristo Trabant Secret Agent Series.

I always wanted to be a writer. Growing up in South East London, I was forever creating characters and stories, and couldn’t get enough of the huge plots and international locations of the Bond films and novels; likewise, the Len Deighton Cold War classics. Yet the more I read, the more I realised I just didn’t have the tools to produce structured, presentable work. The answer was obvious, and looking back, enrolling on my very first creative writing course was the best investment I have ever made. It was pivotal, setting me free on this joyous path that gets ever-more rewarding.

At Creative Writer, we are passionate about inspiration; about inspiring new and existing writers to discover and develop their voice; to get productive, learn the creative process, polish their ideas into glistening gemstone works of fiction that readers simply won’t want to put down.

Whatever your writing goal, be it a novel, short story, memoir or work of non-fiction, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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“Exceptional value, structure and insight of the creative process. When I compare six-weeks ago to how I’m writing now, the difference is remarkable.”
Tony Pollard
“There’s no chance of writer’s block on this course.”
Stephen Aimes
“After being in the inspiring company of Dominic, I feel anything is possible.”
Christina Hawkes