‘Preparing To Approach Literary Agents & Publishers’ - Creative Writing Course via Zoom

01 June 2024 - 30 November 2024

Course name: Preparing to Approach Literary Agents & Publishers

Course code: PALAP

Course price: £297 / £277 concessions (senior citizens/disabled persons)

Number of course sessions: 12

Dear Creatives,

Congratulations - you’ve completed your novel! Really well done, for I know what a Herculean effort that is. Pat yourself on the back, crack the champers and enjoy your wonderful achievement.

And so - we know what’s next. Unless you’re self-publishing - you need to seek representation by a literary agent or publisher.

I know, this can seem daunting; another huge, time-consuming mountain to climb - but fear not. As a published author, I have been through the submissions process and have helped many fellow-writers and students easily and swiftly prepare for this vital next stage. And I therefore wanted to share my insight via this course, in which, together, we will create the suite of documents you will need; that all agents and publishers will require to assess both your novel/short story proposal and you as an author.

In a marketplace where thousands of new titles are published each month, you need to stand out from the crowd. And with over a decade of experience, I can help you do precisely that. Sadly, I can’t guarantee you a lucrative publishing deal, or that you’ll be the next big thing in the literary world. However, I do promise a swift, efficient fasttrack navigation through the next steps in your journey: the creation of the professional and polished suite of documents you’ll need, which will put you one step ahead of the competition.

Here’s the course content - working to a list of what literary agents and publishers will be asking for:

Session One: the author biography - to get to know you

Session Two: the covering letter - polished and attention-grabbing

Session Three: the thousand-word synopsis - a bare-bones-basic novel summary inc. the ending

Session Four: the five-hundred-word synopsis - a more concise version

Session Five: the two-hundred-and-fifty-word synopsis - even more concise

Session Six: building a list of agents/publishers to approach - where to find the right agent for you

Session Seven: the blurb and shout lines - aspects often asked for

Session Eight: the elevator pitch - many industry pros will ask for this too

Session Nine: building your author platform - enhancing your discoverability

Session Ten: manuscript preparation for submissions - copyright and protection of our intellectual property rights

Session Eleven: a marketing plan - to show what you’ll bring to the table

Session Twelve: bringing everything together & sending out submissions 🍾


“Such a great investment as it fast-tracked my ability to properly contact agents and publishers. Given my susceptibility to procrastination, this course saved me months, if not longer.” Ralph, Newcastle

“As Dominic so rightly says, novel writing is only the beginning of what’s required. We must embrace and act on this next step. This course makes that possible.” Paula, Horley

“Some weeks we worked through several topics, while other aspects took longer. I could book the sessions to suite my schedule and work at my own pace, which was ideal. Very good indeed.” Sandra, Kingston

“After the effort of completing my novel, I felt exhausted. So, it was such a help to be walked through what comes next, and I now have submitted to seven agents and three publishers. When it’s all too easy to let things slide, this course spurred me on.” Sophia, Brentwood


How are the sessions conducted? Via Zoom

What is the working format? In each Zoom session, we discuss the current topic, then, after going away to write the relevant document, the student emails it in for my critique. We then back-and-forward it, polishing it as we go until finished. Then we move on to the next topic.

When will the sessions take place? At a mutually convenient time and planned to suit. My schedule is very flexible 😊

How many sessions are there? Usually 6-12, depending on how quickly the student wishes to work through the content I.E., in some sessions, we can cover more than one topic.

How long does each session last? One hour sessions are usually sufficient.

How often are the sessions held? It’s up to you. Some students like to complete one session per week, while others like to work intensively over, say a fortnight, to build their portfolio of documents, so they can begin sending out their submissions asap.

Can this course be run for a group? Yes, of course. I’d be happy to discuss.

To Enrol:

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* Should you not have a PayPal account, alternative payment means are available. Please email me on to discuss.

Also, for any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you and I hope to work with you on your writing goals.

Best wishes & happy writing!


Dominic Canty

Course Details

Date: 01 June 2024 - 30 November 2024
Time: 9:00 - 21:00
Location: via Zoom (timings flexible)
Cost: 297 / £277 concessions
Sessions: 12
Available Places: 37
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